Who Am I?

  My name is Madeleine Xanthine, and I'm a good massage therapist who has turned to the dark side.  I'm interested in giving you a custom tailored experience that suits you perfectly and gives us both a warm feeling and a rush.  

  My kinky tastes vary.  I can be a carnal beast, intent on devouring you and bending you to my will, or a sensual, teasing seductress, slowly drawing your fantasies from you and delivering them to you fulfilled.

I like to get inside of your head, see what it is that you would like to feel, who you would like to become during our time together. See where we can go that pleases us both, and takes us on a journey of escapism, debauchery, and fantasy.

  I especially enjoy role-play, exhibitionism, tease and denial, spanking and corporal punishment, and rope bondage.  Rope can slowly and softly seduce you into bending to my will, or it can force you into vulnerability.  Role play allows you to be someone else for a while, and gives you an excuse to do all of the naughty things that the day-to-day you is afraid to ask for.   The BDSM activities that I enjoy most are the ones that cause the most transcendence and require creativity and focused attention.

  I teach bondage, BDSM, and sacred sexuality internationally, and take what I do very seriously.  I'm established (nearly 20 years of experience personally and 12 years of teaching), stocked (my toys are extensive - if you're dreaming of something, I probably have it), and caring (90% of my clients are repeat).

   My private, well equipped studio and dungeon is located in a private house in Kitsilano in Vancouver, with plenty of street parking and a discreet entrance.  It is cozy, sweet smelling, and candlelit. My intent is to have you as relaxed as possible until we decide it is time to rile you up a little. ;)  

 I do not provide oral or full service, but I will gladly pleasure you in other ways - I love to see you shudder and writhe beneath my hands.    

  There is a slight difference between fees for different kinds of sessions.  Please see my Services page for details.  

   Appointments times are listed on my home page - please give ample notice.  I am pretty busy outside of the studio, and I only see one person per day, so the more notice you can give me, the better.